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Meet JK and JM, the creators and owners of J & J Temagami, who are servicing Temagami and The North.

Jamie Koistinen has an extensive background in construction. She is currently pursuing her project management professional (PMP) certification through the Project Management Institute (PMI). Koistinen has called Temagami home since 1988. She obtained her SVOP in 2018 giving her confidence to operate the barges. Spending all day on the lake in the summer and enjoying all of what the winter has made J & J Temagami a dream job for Koistinen. 

Jamie Merrifield (JM) has a background in mechanical skills and is also SVOP-certified. He has completed the government-mandated On-Site Sewage System Maintenance Inspection Program. Merrifield has always felt a connection to Temagami, ever since his first visit to the Northern community back in 2015.



Like every story, ours has to start somewhere - the J & J Temagami story began in 2018.


       Jamie Koistinen (JK)

Jamie Merrifield (JM)



In 2016, Koistinen decided to quit travelling outside the community for work and wanted to focus on something she and her partner, Jamie Merrifield (JM), could do here in the Temagami area.


In 2018, Koistinen and Merrifield decided to make an investment in their community, taking over a local snow plowing business from a retiring contractor. J & J Temagami had a successful first season given the record snowfall of over 10 feet back in the 2018 to 2019 season. The contractor also had 3 of his own barges, which inspired J & J Temagami to round out their newly acquired business to become a year-round property service for the people of Temagami.


In July of 2019, J & J Temagami launched their first barge, a 50T vessel. From there, their services expanded with the purchase of a mini-excavator and skid steer. In the Fall of 2020, J & J Temagami also purchased a second smaller barge, a 20T vessel, in order to expand their client base to Northern-bound cottagers with island-only access properties.


In preparation to become a NyDock dealer, alongside the newly acquired 20T barge, J & J Temagami chose to purchase a commercial showcase space, formerly known as Burrows Marine (located at 15 Stevens Rd in Temagami), from another retired contractor. J & J Temagami was then able to offer marine storage, shrink wrapping, dock sales, and much more to their list of offered services by the Spring of 2021.


With every expansion made and an ever-increasing client base, J & J Temagami is quickly gaining a personal relationship with the Temagami community. Koistinen and Merrifield are happy to serve the welcoming, friendly community of Temagami. J & J Temagami aims to create good customer relationships with top-quality work while offering invaluable property services.


If you have any questions about who we are, don’t hesitate to reach out! We love to hear from our clients.


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